Ipo & Jonathan

When I had the chance to sit down with Ipo and prepare for her wedding to Jonathan, she spoke passionately about wanting to capture the blending of cultures on her big day. For Ipo, that meant capturing the distinctly Hawaiian aspects, like the hula dancing, and mixing it with the Yankees-infused, New York background of Jonathan. That was an exciting project for us, and we’re proud to display the results below in our four films. We’d like to express special thanks to Jonathan and Ipo, both of whom showed a real interest in our own comfort throughout the day. Ipo and Jonathan are authentically great hosts, with two large and loving families. We felt so honored to be able to record their big day!

If you would like to download any of Ipo & Jonathan’s films, you can do so as many times as you would like without charge. Just click the links below. The password for all of the films is: "Ipo."

To download the films, simply click the "Download" button that is located under the film, all of which is located on the pages on the following links:

Link to Ipo & Jonathan’s Cinematic Highlight Film:

Link to Ipo & Jonathan’sExtended-Cuts Film (Password: Ipo):

Link to Ipo & Jonathan’s Ceremony Film (Password: Ipo):

Link to Ipo & Jonathan’s Dinner Performance Film (Password: Ipo):

We wish Ipo & Jonathan all the best as they start their married lives together.

- David & Rhyne, Nice Shot Films