Juanita & Richard

The Shrine of Our Lady Guadalupe and the Tower at Cityplace served as the perfect backdrops to Juanita & Richard’s wedding — a day that filled with authentic joy as these two families came together to become one. We had a particularly good time being with Juanita and Richard, both of whom were so gracious, with welcoming spirits to our team and all of the guests. These are good, friendly, warm people. Juanita and Richard also know how to party with one of the biggest and most wild dance floors of the year. Thanks, also, to the team at Each & Every Detail, who did their usual fabulous job. Thanks to our shooting partner from the day, Catie Ann Photography, who were also an absolute joy to work with.

If you would like to download any of Juanita & Richard’s films, you can do so as many times as you would like without charge. Just click the links below. The password for all of the films is: "Juanita."

To download the films, simply click the "Download" button that is located under the film, all of which is located on the pages on the following links:

Link to Juanita & Richard’s Cinematic Highlight Film: https://vimeo.com/340227188

Link to Juanita & Richard’s Ceremony Film (Password: Juanita): https://vimeo.com/337923262

Link to Juanita & Richard’s Extended-Cuts Film (Password: Juanita): https://vimeo.com/338131897

We wish Juanita & Richard all the best as they start their married lives together.

- David & Rhyne, Nice Shot Films

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